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Taeyang nominated for the 6th annual Rhythmer Awards! [NEWS]

Bae makes the cut for R&B Single of the Year and R&B artist of the year! So nice to see Superstar get some well deserved attention I think! 

R&B / Soul Single of the Year

올댓 (All That) – Closer
디즈 (Deez) – Sugar
진보 (Jinbo) – U R
보니 (Boni) – ResQ Me
태양 (Taeyang) – Superstar

R & B / Soul Artist of the Year 

디즈 (Deez)

보니 (Boni)

진보 (Jinbo)

태양 (Taeyang)

올댓 (All That)

Music spans releases between 1December 2009 and 30 November 2010. Nominees were chosen by a panel of writers & experts.

Source: alwaystaeyang.wordpress.com
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